Four Big Brothers And Now A Little Sister

I had this little one in for her newborn photography session this week and we decided in a house full of boys, this sweet baby girl is going to have four big brothers who will watch over her and protect her always. We decided that we were going to do something different not the traditional pinks and purples, so her session was with bright yellow wraps as she is a little ray of sunshine in her home. Having a baby is an amazing miracle and trying to imagine that tiny little baby in your belly seems almost impossible so I did a belly cast of...


A Cherished Little Baby Girl

This sweet little 10 week old came to the studio for her photography session with her loving parents and she rocked so many newborn poses. Most newborn photographers recommend that their sessions are done in the first 2 weeks as bub is usually still quite sleepy and happy to curl up which I understand completely. Having a older baby does not mean that a newborn photography session with those curled up poses is definitely not possible. It just means it may take longer and some babies do not want to be all curled up, so some poses may not...


Newborn and Sibling Photography Session – Blissful Moments Photography – Mackay

We all know that when a new little baby comes into the family, older siblings can sometimes find it hard with a new baby in the house. I want to capture those moments when they are cuddling their new baby or looking down adoringly at them. I have to be honest what usually comes up on photographers websites or Facebook has so many other images where they are pushing the baby away or upset that they don't want to hold the baby. It can be difficult with some little ones who don't want anything to do with the new baby or only want small bursts...